sales of paper impregnation machines

human desire to nature and the use of wood and wood in the everyday life of the past and from today, and the wooden limited resources due to natural replacement for a long period of time that led to these kinds of wood projects like it, walnuts maple and … are false and made new industries and decorative elements papers published under the title after the impregnation papers and eventually arise papers. Press is provided form flexible obtained cellulose fibers, which is affiliated to the congestion and cellulose tissue . Papers with different influence generated and thickest cellulose and have the same tissue paper, with better properties. In a variety of consumer paper impregnation are classified as follows:

1. Simple white - like without design - red and blue.


2. Plan patterned published

3. Craft

Impregnation lines are divided in 2:

1. Production line. The paper impregnation one - step with melamine resin formaldehyde or in a few cases of combining with low percentage of formaldehyde urea with melamine formaldehyde resin in a basin and a soaked stage. Prices because of adhesive consumption melamine formaldehyde is high , but after pressing has high quality in that is appropriate for the wood . The production capacity of the system are limited in terms of very costly producers are diagnosed

2. Impregnation production line for a two - step in this paper: system paperwith formaldehyde resin urea and in a few cases of combining a percentage with melamine formaldehyde urea basin in the first phase of the impregnation and then in the second stage of a layer of melamine formaldehyde only on paper . The system is less cost , and because of melamine - formaldehyde consumption and the price of melamine formaldehyde of urea formaldehyde is higher, thus reducing the cost of paper producing industries decorative elements is the better option . as well as the production capacity of the unit of the system is a higher stage .

 Paper impregnation decorative elements are conducted as follows:

1. Stage of placing raw paper

2. Urea formaldehyde resin basin

3. Desiccants

4. Cooling system

5. Cut

6. Collection system

Additives in the process of impregnation and their role

1. Catalyst or hardening

2. Influence factors

3. Softening factor

4. Anti - adherence

5. Anti - bubble

6. Powder anti -

7. uniform- Level

8. insulator

9. glossy marker

Additives may be used as the combination of several factors in separate or in the production process. In conclusion, the best of overlay paper melamine - formaldehyde emission type and single - stage mentioned additives .

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