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1. History

2.The role of tops in the kitchen

3 types of tops cabinets of page

4. Tops design


In its present form in the early twentieth century and the beginning single cupboard in the kitchen was used. Until it is fixed and embedded kitchen cabinets and gas stove, refrigerator and other kitchen utensils were not for securing concrete place and most of the activities took place in the kitchen preparing food on the table like it was the middle of the kitchen. Role of Tops in the kitchen to better manage the Kitchen space with respect to the triangle and according to the particular circumstances of the tops users is used for cabinets. Properly designed tops in the kitchen make up usable space and the welfare of the kitchen and cooking and washing dishes welfare level rise.

The cases of using tops

Using of the tops in the bathroom

Cabinets, depending on the material metal - wood - MDF - PVC - divided or combined. Cabinets also can be prepared on the basis of size - semi-custom and custom prepared.

Tops design

Tops design according to a variety of kitchen cabinet takes shape. However, in an open cabinet design must be careful not to use it against the direction of movement of the person.

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