sales of hdf door

sales of hdf door

Is abbreviation of High Density Fiber board words that are part of the wood products? HDF is a fiber board which its production is by the dry method. Density of the HDF above 800KG / M3 is with. For what space hdfdoorssuitable? HDF Sheets to be used with a thickness of 3 mm should be used. Given these effective factors cannot be estimated at the entrance of the residential units only use these HDF doors to the bedroom door and the door of the toilet and shower is recommended

The HDF sheets with a thickness of 6 mm and more depending on the thickness and density ofHDF fiber can also be used forproducing entrance doors of apartments.

The first element of the apartment entrance door to reach the interior of the apartments facing the viewer with the apartment entrance door. So a beautiful door is a sign of modern apartments. But besides beauty also other important factors must be considered. These factors are based on the expectations that we will be installing a door and a door is tasks.

1. HDF entrance door must be sound and thermal insulation and thermal.

2. HDF entrance door must be anti-combustion.

3. HDF entrance door should have a good shape.

4. HDF entrance door should have a standard weight.

5. HDF entrance door should have a high strength.

6. HDF entrance door should be against theft.


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