sales of press machines for melamine

Sales of melamine press machinery

Imports of machinery with 18 months warranty

Production capacity: 80 white and colored sheets per hour with related equipment production

Imports of new and second hand machinery from china, Germany and Italy

Width of production 3-25 mm

Different sizes

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Seimpelkamp-Melamine press-1989

Seimpelkamp-Melamine press

Seimpelkamp-Melamine press-1994

Pagnoni-Melamine press-1999

Seimpelkamp-Melamine press-1976

Siempelkamp melamine press1

Siempelkamp melamine press 2

Siempelkamp melamine press 3

Seimpelkamp-Melamine press4

SWPA-Melamine press-2007

Diffenbacher-Melamine press-1989

Diffenbacher-Melamine press-1992

Wemhoner-Melamine press-2001

Wemhoner-Melamine press-1989

Wemhoner-Melamine press-1988

Wemhoner-Melamine press

chinece-Melamine press- lu tong

chinece-Melamine press- Wude

chinece-Melamine press- alpe

German-Melamine press- assembled in iran

Iranian full - automatic melamine press

Iranian semi - automatic melamine press

Wemhoner-Melamine press-1981

Wemhoner-Melamine press-1998

Iranian melamine press - 366*183 - product is color embossed and white

semi - automatic melamine press - 366*183 -in production

Iranian full - automatic melamine press - 122*244 -50 sheets per hour
























































































































































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